Photo by Harold Hohendorf

ubiq·ui·tous Pronunciation: yü-ˈbi-kwə-təs

: existing or being everywhere at the same time : constantly encountered

Edgy, Honest and Aware


Ubiquitous Journey, LLC is a pure expression of the creator’s Dharma. Products sold in the store are the reflection of my desire to support you on many levels. I try to choose the products I carry consciously based on my belief system. Because change is ubiquitous, Ubiquitous Journey and the products offered at the store will consistently be changing.

At Ubi’s we work hard to honor the tradition and truth of all we offer. We embrace the why and quality over quantity will always be our top priority. I mean what’s the point of going out to get coffee at a shop and spending $3-$6 on a drink that isn’t the highest quality available? Sure there may be differing opinions on what makes something higher quality. I only know my personal standard and yes, I set it high. To honor the truly highest quality of anything, you have to take it down to its foundation. Where it originated from and its experience before it reached you. We’ve all heard the analogy that we are only as strong as our weakest link. After all, the residual energy of the products you experience from Ubi’s will be consumed and/or used by you, therefore it’s experience will also become a part of your energy and experience. Whether you believe this concept as I do matters not. I’m the creator of this world, therefore I win :)

It is our mission to provide health & wellness options to the community to support whole life health. We believe that health & wellness is more than just supplements, it’s a lifestyle. We believe that to be truly healthy, one needs balance. A balanced mind, body, spirit & emotional state to achieve optimal health/wellness. My belief is that this balance helps us all have a better life experience, regardless of our individual spiritual beliefs. We support local artists and inspire environmental & cultural awareness. By creating an environment of unity in our neighborhood we can support people’s desire to be more conscience by giving them a place to get information and products they can feel good about.

Everyone should be able to feel like they are part of the solution!