How to Deal with Diarrhea

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How to Deal with Diarrhea

How to Deal with Diarrhea

Use Herbs- There are many herbs, that can be taken as teas, tinctures supplements, that help dry up loose stools, add digestive enzymes and support tissue health. Astringent herbs contain tannins that help “tan” your intestines, toning and supporting gut tissue. Examples are Agrimony, Blackberry Root & Leaf, Raspberry and Strawberry Leaf and Witch Hazel. Others, like Marshmallow, Slippery Elm and Fennel are demulcent herbs that provide smoothness and lubricate the gut. Epimedium, aka Horny Goat Weed, helps repair sphincter muscles (avoid if having a prostate disorder); while Bitter Orange relaxes smooth muscle (avoid if blood is present in stool).

Probiotics: Consume fermented foods, beneficial bacteria or probiotic supplements or Kombucha products to help restore and maintain a proper gut flora balance. Consume after you have diarrhea to replace what was lost, and for long term gut flora balance.

What to Avoid: Reduce Coffee and Caffeine Sources, Hi Fiber Foods, Reduce Vitamin C doses

What to Consume: Drink plenty of liquids, Herbal teas not too hot, not too cold. Consume easy to digest foods-potatoes, rice, bananas, apple sauce, toast for examples.

Record your Episodes, and what you ate that day, medications taken and other symptoms you may experience. Let your doctor know what is going on so they can diagnosis the reason why. A stool culture or an allergy test may be required. So after you figure why, then you can target how to best manage your bowels. Consulting with an Herbalist like myself may also be an option, I can make a custom blend that works especially for you. I am  available Ubi’s- Ubiquitous Journey, in Tacoma every Tuesday and every other Friday & Saturday Email for more details:

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