Green, Oolong & White Teas

Green Tea – The leaves of the Cameila Sinesis plant, unfermented.


High Mountain Green Tea

High Mountain Green Tea

Currently available at Ubi’s:

Bi Luo Chun - Cultivated in Dongting, Jiangsu, this famous green tea has a rich history. Our Bi Luo Chun is from Dong Shan (East Mountain) which is considered the best.

Dao Ren – Exceptionally delicate tea with a rich and complex hisory

Dragon Well – One of the few Imperial Grade teas from China allowed to be exported. Clean, crisp and never bitters

Gunpowder – Hearty and strong, this rolled tea has a bold color and striking taste. A favorite for many long time green tea drinkers

High Mountain – From a small farm in the Sichuan Provence hails this rich vegetal flavor and smooth, full bodied aftertaste.

Honeydew Melon, blend – Refreshingly crisp melon undertones paired nicely with an Indian green tea. Very nice iced

Jasmine / Moli Chun Hao – Scented with Jasmine this most popular flavored green tea is appropriate for any occasion. Fresh, floral and full of flavor

Jasmine Pearls – Green tea leaf and Silver Needle hand rolled and infused with fresh Jasmine flowers. Produces a delectable elegant flavor, and watching the pearls ‘bloom’ adds to the enchantment of this special tea experience

Kuki Cha Twig – Carefully aged twigs and stems of the Cameila Sinesis plant are toasted to make this opulent and unique tea a favorite discovery by tea connoisseurs. Mildly sweet and soothing

Lemon Drop – Refreshing flavor from Honey Lemon Pulp and Lemongrass leaves a clean feeling on the palate. Few flavored green teas make me smile when I drink them, this is one of them

Long Island Strawberry, blend – Sencha tea blended with strawberry and papaya pieces smoothing out the green tea flavor with sweet fruity undertones

Maofeng – Unique processing technique used when drying this special tea makes it strong yet very refreshing

Peach Osmanthus – Chinese Green Tea blended with Osmanthus petals providing a slight peachy undertone

Pu-Erh –  Loose or Cakes available – Earthy and woodsy flavor caused by special fermentation process that is sacred to the tradition of tea.

Royal Mini Tuo – Pu-Erh processing involves the application of heat and moisture, as well as the inoculation of the tea leaves with beneficial bacteria. It takes about a year for harvested tea leaves to become ‘ripened’ or ‘finished’ pu-erh. Mini Tuo are individual ‘cakes’

Sencha – Grown organically on high mountaintops in Japan. Brisk and stimulating yet delicate

Taiping Houkui – AKA Monkey Tea - Winner of the “King of Tea” award in 2004

Te Verda Olive -blend – Feel energized and renewed with every sip of this special blend. Japanese Sencha blended with Olive Leaves, Currants, Orange Peel, Cranberry Rooibos, Safflower, Hibiscus, Rosehips, Elder Berries and Apples

White Wine, Ginger Peach Riesling - Full flavored and indulgent. Anytime is a good time to enjoy this unusual blend of refined flavors.


Oolong Tea – Leaves of the Cameila Sinesis plant, partially fermented 15-65% before drying.


Zen Oolong

Zen Oolong

Currently available at Ubi’s:

Bai Hao – This precious tea hails from Taiwan. AKA: Dong Fang Mei Ren or Oriental Beauty, a name given by Queen Elizabeth II in the early 20th century when she first tasted this unique tea leaf

Black Oolong – Familiar flavor if you drink tea at one of the many Teriyaki restaurants around the PNW

Hairy Crab/Tropical – Light peachy undertones caused by this unique tea being infused with coconut

High Mountain – Jade green leaves give you a full bodied silky smooth cup with a mildly sweet finish

Phoenix – Famous Oolong from the Guandong province. Subtle floral aroma delicate and refreshing

Red Wine – Unique and delicious blend of Oolong and Ceylon infused with 7 fruity red wines and safflower petals

Wuyi -Crisp earthy tones with a slightly peppery finish

Zen – The name says it all – High grade Jade Oolong that brings to mind nirvana with every sip


White Tea – The first new growth from the Cameila Sinesis plant (tea plant), is known as White Tea, or baby tea. Because there are many varieties of tea, there are varieties of White tea as well.

Bai Mudan White Tea

Bai Mudan White Tea


Currently available at Ubi’s:

Bai Mudan – Laced with Silver Needles, this white tea has a mild refreshing flavor

Lovely Day - blend – White tea leaves blended with the perfect amount of red rose petals and English lavender petals to ensure everyday you drink it is lovely

Strawberry Twister - blend – Refreshing strawberries meet baby white tea leaves in this beautiful and fragrant blend

Silver Needle – Truly a rare treat, picked only 2-3 days a year Silver Needles are delicate and elegant. Mildly sweet with a floral finish