Robyn’s Path to Enlightenment Series

1621829_10203286393429520_304127817_nLet me start off by saying that this shit is painful. Could be because I’m highly intelligent and stubborn, or because I’m completely ignorant and arrogant. Probably all 4… It’s not easy for me to admit I have no idea what I’m doing. All the concepts of enlightenment are so simple for me to grasp, they just make sense. But it’s true what they say, ‘There’s a difference between knowing the path and walking the path’ (Morpheus in the Matrix movie for 1). I seem to be stumbling through a rocky forest barefoot. I’m constantly bumping into trees, I’ve tripped and fallen so many times, my knees are bloody, my elbows are scabbed and my pride has gone from feeling like a ferocious wild cat (I’m a tiger in Chinese astrology) to an elusive insect hiding under a rock. I wanna say I’m feeling humble, but I’d be lying. This blog is meant for me to share my experience on a very real level (honest and raw) what my personal experience is on the road of life. I’m not humble, I think it’s something more akin to fear.


I’ve been on this path since birth. I believe we all have our paths and even though it may feel like we stray off the path, we don’t. We just make the path uphill, twisted, long and winding, sometimes we create shortcuts when we live in awareness (like when we have an epiphany)….but it happens the way we make it happen. Consciously or subconsciously, we are always making the choice. I believe in fate to a point, but I like to believe we can change, alter or put off things until we want them. Fate may just be when we are causing things to happen or change when we are (hurt, scared, insecure…) subconscious, sleepwalking through our days. Chaos may fit in that category as well. Who knows? We all do.