Black Teas

Black Teas are full-bodied, strong fully fermented tea that is enjoyed hot or iced.  Great for mornings, black tea contains varying levels of caffeine. If you have issues with caffeine – you should avoid black tea.

Black teas currently available at Ubi’s: 

Ancient Forest Tea – Exclusively from stands of protected ancient growth plants in the Yunnan province of China

Assam – Orange Pekoe grade black tea from the highly skilled tea region of Assam, India. Rich aroma, crisp flavor and penetrating flavor. Classic

Bailin Gongfu – One of the oldest and best black teas  in the world. Made in a small village by one old tea master, taste history

Black Beau-Tea – Assam softened with  the sweet flavor and succulent  aroma of red rose petals

Black Velvet – A smooth creamy blend of Assam  black tea with organic Vanilla. Perfect morning and dessert tea

Ceylon – Partially fermented young tea leaves, revered as one of the classics that is not bitter  to the sensitive palate 

Orange Dreamcycle – Another testament to not needing chemical or artificial flavors to make a tasty tea blend. This organic blend of fruit and high grade black ceylon tea is always a treat. Orange and creamy

Traditional Chai - Traditional chai blend using exotic spices reminiscent of India. Always a crowd pleaser

Cream Earl Grey  – Natural cream flavor added to Earl Grey and Osmanthus petals

Darjeeling – From the northern Himalayas in India, this Darjeeling is a pure first flush and unblended

Earl Grey – An exceptionally rich black tea, fermented to perfection with a pinch of Bergamot oil

English Breakfast – Dark and hearty yet clean flavor stands up to milk, honey and sugar

Golden Snail – Fine tippy leaves giving off a delicate aroma. Smooth honey flavored undertone makes this China black tea from the Yunnan Province a special treat

Golden Tippy – A Chinese black tea from the Yunnan Provence, distinctive chocolately notes with a pronounced fragrance

Irish House – Chinese Black Tea blended with Jasmine flowers and whole roasted coffee beans. Great breakfast tea, reminiscent of mocha

Lady Grey - Traditional Earl Grey made elegant by blending in fresh English Lavender and Jasmine flowers

Lapsang Souchong – Be allured by the smoky aroma and enjoy this surprisingly smooth black tea

Lemon Ginger Snap – new formula - Refreshing and uplifting. One of our most popular blends. Great hot or iced

Mango Ceylon – Crisp Ceylon tea blended with Mango and Marigold flowers giving it a beautiful fragrance

Mango Tango – Exotic and mysterious, makes you wanna dance on the table tops! Rich black tea with mango undertones leave the taste buds dancing

Mint Macaroon – Black and Oolong tea blended with rich coconut and mint for an amazingly fragrant beverage that pairs perfectly with desserts

Mistress Grey – So good it tastes naughty. Traditional Earl Grey softened with Red Safflowers. An instant favorite for many

Monk’s Blend – Savory hints light fruity grenadine lifts exotic aromas of caramel and vanilla

Nepalese – A rare tea from the Himalayan region of Nepal. Truly complex, has flavor characteristics of both black and green tea. Because of its unique growing region and semi-fermentation it produces a finish that is smooth and devoid of a rough edge and the tanins do not linger

Orange Spice – Warm, strong and deep. Unsweetened, stands up to milk or cream nicely

Russian Caravan – Distinct notes of Pine and Hickory smoke make this popular tea a favorite the world over

Wild Blueberry – Amazing aroma whisks you away to the rolling rocky blueberry fields in the English countryside