Ubi’s offers the highest quality Teas, Herbs and Spices we can find from all over the world. The essential Oils we offer are pure, certified organic and uncut. Come in and overwhelm your senses. Enjoy a cuppa tea or coffee while you browse. We’ve set up this shop for you to have a truly relaxing and one of a kind experience. When you take home your spices, teas or coffee, we want you to recall your experience every time you open a tin or spice jar.

We also offer classes in shop and through Free University to help you use our products to their full potential.

My name is Robyn and I am the owner of Ubiquitous Journey.  Ubi’s is really about awareness. Yes you can find many of our products in big box stores, but not with our quality. Being small allows us to control quality at every level. Plus when you purchase from us you get to bring home the unique positive loving energy we put into everything we create.

We hope to engage your mind, intrigue your senses and allow you to experience products that nourish your body, spirit and life.

~Welcome to Ubiquitous Journey~