"Edgy, Honest, Aware. Sound good? Welcome home"

Highest quality Teas, Herbs and Spices from all over the world available right here in Tacoma's exciting 6th Ave district

Teas / Tisanes

Traditionally, Tea is the Camellia Sinesis plant grown predominately in Asia. The word tea has morphed in America into a verb, becoming the action of preparing the tea leaves, traditionally called steeping. This is a common phenomena in America, creating new words and adding new meanings to old words, I think this is because we are the ‘melting pot’ for many cultures of the world. At Ubi’s we embrace the reality of our culture while still respecting an honored tradition around a culture we obviously love – the culture of tea. We offer the highest quality most affordable tea we can find at Ubi’s. Having the largest quantity, being able to boast about having hundreds to choose from!!! really doesn’t interest us. Instead, we focus on having the best.

Herbs and Spices

We offer the highest quality freshest herbs and spices available from all over the world. We pay close attention to where our products come from with the idea that they carry their own energy into your home. We want the energy you carry away from Ubi’s to be the best possible.

Spice Blends available at Ubi’s: 

All Purpose – Salt Free

Apple Pie Spice – Salt Free



Caribbean Blend – Salt Free

Caribbean Jerk 

Chili Powder 

Chinese 5 Spice – Salt Free


Curry Powder – Salt Free

Sweet Curry – Salt Free

Food & Drink Menus

Hot food menu will be discontinued October 1st, 2016!     


Classic Grilled Cheese $7, Half $4

Moroccan CurrySpicy Pepper Jack cheese with Ubi’s own flavorful Moroccan Curry blend.     

Ubi’s Garli-VartiOur first sandwich creation. Simply Ubi’s Garlic Spice Blend paired with creamy Havarti cheese. 

PizzaliciousMozzarella with our Pizza Seasoning and house Pizza Sauce. A favorite for kids and adults alike.